List Of All Traffic Sources To Grow Your Business Online

traffic source

Traffic is essential for every business’ growth. Without any visitors, you just can’t hope to sell anything to anyone.

To be successful in CPA marketing or any other type of internet marketing, you will need visitors.

A portion of your visitors will click on offers you have set up on your website and a portion of these will become your leads.

Turning visitors into leads has become quite an art and it is optimizable process like any other. You can optimize this process with convincing landing pages and funnels to turn as many visitors into leads as possible.

List of traffic sources

Mobile traffic

mobile traffic

Before everyone owned a smartphone, bloggers and other website owners did’t mind if their website wasn’t responsive.

But nowadays, when more than 50% of all who access the internet via a handheld device such as a tablet or their phone, you would be missing out on a huge amount of potential leads and profit.

Most who end up on sites which aren’t made responsive are likely to leave it in a few seconds.

Responsive design became a standard thing among website developers, so rather than making your own from scratch, you can buy premade themes and tweek them to fit your taste better.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

search optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the best way to gain on your visitors.

SEO is basically ranking your websites to appear as high as possible on search engine result page (SERP) for specific keywords.

There are numerous factors we need to pay attention to when we’re structuring our blog posts and create other type of pages that appear on our websites.

SEO is a type of unpaid promotion of your content. This means that traffic comming from SERP is organic traffic and therefore much more valuable than that comming from paid promotions.

Native advertising

This type of traffic source focuses on bringing visitors directly to paid offers.

Native advertising is basically embedding ads into content where they blend in with it.

This way people who read your posts don’t just scroll by, but are likely to interact with advertisement just like they would with your other content.

Social media marketing

social media channels

Let’s face it, social media has become a part of our lives. Especially for aspiring internet marketers, who use it on a daily basis to share their content with others.

You can gather a massive following on social media channels and send your followers to your blog.

To keep growing your following on these channels, you don’t need to put as much effort into creating content. What is more important is to keep nourishing the bond with your audience.

Keep connecting with your audience, which will find you more relatable as a human being and not look at your blog as they would at a corporation that wants nothing but their money.

Pay per call (PPCall)

pay per call

Nowadays almost everybody owns a phone and this is why pay per call method is so effective. The more you can connect with your prospects the higher the chance you’ll turn them into customers.

Therefore agents representing a certain company talk to people over the phone, so their prospects connect with an actual human being on the other side of the line, when they’re deciding if they’ll buy or not.

How exactly does PPCall work?

Company, which desires to promote a product creates an ad for that product and sets it up on an affiliate network.

Third party marketers can apply on such networks as publishers and advertise that ad on their own channels to drive traffic to these offers. Each publisher will get a unique tracking number so the network knows who to attribute those calls.

Once someone calls the number on that ad, they will be redirected to the agents from that company. After that the company will pay a commision to the publisher via the affiliate network.

It also differs from offer to offer how each company pays for each call. Sometimes it depends on the length of the call and sometimes on the number of repeat calls.

Pay per click (PPC)

paid search

As the name of the method suggests, pay per click is a traffic generating method where advertiser pays everytime someone clicks on their ad.

Paid traffic sources like Facebook Ads and Google Ads work on this kind of principle. If you want to send paid traffic from Google, you’ll need to create an ad on Google Ads. And once it’s approved, your ad will be displayed on the top of the result page.

Regardless of which system you use, it’s pay to play. The number of clicks you’ll get depends on how much you invest. But not only that, it also depends on the audience you’re targeting. You need to find your ideal buyers persona to spend that invested money as efficiently as possible.

Email marketing

email accounts list

Using emails is still more efficient than using any social media channels out there. Therefore creating an email list should be one of the top priorities for every asipiring blogger out there.

If you want to get an email from someone, you’ll need to offer something in return. People don’t give it freely, but you should be able to persuade some to give it in exchange for useful information.

Using lead magnets, you can offer enough value to your visitors to become your “follower” over the email.

What is a lead magnet?

Bloggers often offer a free ebook or a course video in return for their information such as their name and email. And after someone gives that information, that ebook is sent over to their email inbox.

Display advertising

banner ads

You’re probably most familiar with this one, since ads are showing almost everywhere these days.

When some company wants to use display advertising to promote their products, they’ll need to turn to media buying ad networks or a website which has a similar targeted traffic.

They will need to buy or rent banner ad space where they’ll place their ads. Usually, working with ad networks they’ll need to pay per 1000 impressions, but if they connect directly with website owners, they can negotiate a flat rate.

Incentive traffic

This method allows you to exchange your own content for money. This type of content is called an incentive.

You can apply to affiliate networks like CPAGrip, which has tools like file lockers and link lockers.

You’re basically locking that content with a survey. If anyone wants to get what’s behind that locker, they need to complete a survey first. And for each completed survey, the network pays you a small commision.


There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding which type of traffic source to use for any kind of promotion. And every single on above can bring life to your website.

I hope this post has proven to be helpful to you and if you wish to stay in touch you can follow on Facebook.

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