Tracking Your Marketing Campaign – Simple Guide

marketing campaign tracking

Tracking what’s going on on your campaign is essential to improving your results.

Marketing campaign optimization deals with finding the right people through testing.

Tracking what’s going on on your campaign will show you, if you’re headed in the right direction with your changes.

It’s the main tool that makes optimization possible. But not only that, tracking your campaign will show you if it’s even working.

You will get insight, based on which you will be able to tell, if your campaign needs a different marketing strategy or in some cases if you need to abandon it all together.

How do I set up tracking?

user tracking

Every affiliate network out there offers tracking clicks and leads for each offer.

But to create a successful campaign, you need a better, more detailed insight. You can create shortened links with, with which you can also track how many people clicked on each link.

Using shortened links on every step of your sales funnel can prove itself very useful. Since you will know how exactly clicks flow to your offer.

And when you’re dealing with Facebook Ads, Google Ads or any other service that offers paid traffic, they will also give you their insight on what’s going on with your ads.

You will get detailed demographic data of the audience to whom you’re displaying your ads.

Who uses tracking?

As aspiring affiliate marketers, tracking gives us the power to create successful campaigns.

publisher online

But publishers aren’t the only kind of users of this tools. Merchants and affiliate networks benefit from it as well.

Merchants track conversion rates for their products or services. And affiliate networks use tracking to get insight on how many legitimate views, clicks and leads each offer gets.

affiliate network

And even more so, affiliate networks often fall victim to fraudsters, who create fake leads, which are harmful to the advertiser and the affiliate network itself.

Most of these networks are aware of this problem, so many have precautions in place to minimize the damage.

Maxbounty is one of the best affiliate networks in the world. They accept new publishers only after they evaluate each sign up.

When you sign up, their representitive will call you few days after and interview you. They will ask you how exactly do you intend to promote their offers, if you want to promote incentive offers and so on.

It might be intimidating, but if you got nothing to hide, you needn’t be afraid of getting rejected.

Statistics and analytics

website tracking

When we’re tracking data it’s important that we store it in a manner that will allow us to see the bigger picture.

What do you mean, the bigger picture?

Putting all the data you gather into charts will make it easier to see if you’re making progress through a longer period of time.

It will also generalize the ideal buyers persona for your campaign. This is one of the most important data which you can use to target a more suitable audience for your campaign.

Tracking pixel

Leaving these kind of pixels on each of your landing pages will allow you to track your campaign more in detail.

You will be able to tell how likely are people to convert for each funnel you set up.

You will also be able to tell which offer is the best for your campaign, since you will be able to see what converts the most for the type of audience you’re targeting.

These pixels can give you more detailed data about visitors of your landing pages. While link shorteners like show you where your visitors come from, pixels can show you things like dwell time (how long visitors stay on website).

Every bit of detail can be used to make optimization and scaling of your campaign more effective.

Timing of your conversions is also very important. This will tell you when it’s the most optimal time to be active on your social media, blog and other channels you can reach your audience from.

Know when you’re making profit and when you’re not

We can optimize our campaigns for many different goals. Some of these goals could be getting more engagement, getting more views, clicks and leads.

Optimizing for conversions, which is the ultimate goal for every marketer.

But the thing is, if you’re optimizing for goals that are further down the funnel, you will need a lot of data about your audience and their behavior, to grow those numbers.

Tracking will help you see if you’re making profit or loss. In case you can’t quite reach the desired results if you’re optimizing for a conversions, you should try optimizing for checkpoints that appear closer to the start of your sales funnel.


I hope this guide about tracking your marketing campaigns was helpful to you and I’d love to hear back from you.

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