How To Target Demographics Using Demographic Tools

How to target demographics?

What are demographics?

target demographics

Demographics are characteristics and attributes information about people. Everyone of us is unique, but looking more broadly, we can group ourselves together with people who have something in common with us.

Factors that come into play here is basically every aspect of our lives. For instance we can group people based on their gender, home location, age, economic status, education level and more. The more detailed data you have, the better you’ll be able to understand people.

With better understanding what people are looking for, you’ll be able to create your ideal buyers persona.

When you target a certain demographic, you can look for a broad audience that consists only of a certain gender. You can also target a more specific group of people who have more things in common, like age, location and interests.

In CPA marketing, knowing which demographics to target can be crucial to campaigns success. When you start investing money in paid traffic for your campaigns, researching which demographics to target is a common practice for advertisers.

To put it plainly, targeting demographics can help you reach an audience with more potential costumers.

To put it plainly, targeting demographics can help you reach an audience with more potential costumers. Click To Tweet

Using tools to target demographics and keywords

tools for targeting demographics and research

If you’re using platforms that generate paid traffic for your campaigns, you can use their tools to study demographics and interests.

Most CPA marketing networks offer some kind of tracking and give useful insights on how well offers you’re promoting are doing. These tools can help, but they usually show limited info.

To be able to find the best demographics for your offer, you should research your traffic by using as many tools as possible to get as much info as you can.

Audience Insights from Facebook

This is one of the best free to use tools for marketing out there. As you may be already aware, people share a lot of information about themselves on social media.

And Facebook is the largest one of them all. Audience insights can show you a super detailed demographics info of Facebook users all around the world. So it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you try to create your business.

If there are people who use Facebook, this tool will show you how many potential costumers you will have if you target your ideal buyers persona.

This tool is super useful for those who use Facebook Ads. If you’re not yet familiar with this platform you can check out my guide about Facebook pages and Facebook Ads.


This one is one of the most popular tools bigger companies, like booking, ebay, Quora, hp and many more, use.

It’s leading in competitiveness research capabilities. You need to give it a url of a site you wish to analyze and it will show you info such as keywords that site ranks for, their competitors and much more.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword planner is great for finding keywords that are related to keywords you put in its search. You can analyze each keyword by how much competition it has, how many monthly searches it gets and more.

Although it has some limitations if you try to use it completely for free. The numbers of monthly searches show up in ranges such as 100 to 1000 searches but not the exact number.

This limitation can be overcome tho. If you create a campaign on Google Ads and run it, keyword planner will show you exact numbers for keyword searches then.

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