How To Scale Your CPA Campaign

So you’ve managed to successfully start and run a campaign. Now the next step is to scale it up. This way you can optimize it for maximum profit.

Before you start ramping up the numbers , you should make sure that your campaign is ready for it first.

What do I mean by making sure it’s ready?

If you’re running a certain campaign for a while and making a profit from it, it doesn’t mean it’s ready for a bigger investment. You may be making profit, but there is still room for improvement.

Once you’ve improved and optimized results on a small scale, you can scale those results after. The point is, that you can make much more profit this way, rather than investing larger sums of money straight away and scaling up poor results.

Should I keep optimizing or stop screwing with it and let the money flow?

Typically, you will find yourself at a spot where your optimization yields satisfying results.

There are two paths marketers choose from when they find themselves in this position.

Once they reach a point where they get the profit that they wanted to reach, some will leave it and stop optimizing.

Others will tend to optimize further and strive to grow their profit even more.

Try different traffic sources

Trying different things in CPA marketing space can be beneficial or harmful. But like any other thing, you can’t create better results if you’re not trying. So when you find your secret winning formula for a successful campaign, you shouldn’t settle down and stop there.

There will always be room for improvement. And one way to improve your campaigns success is by trying out different traffic sources.

Let’s say you’ve optimized your campaign to the point you’re making satisfying profit with it.

Now, you might feel like things are as good as they can be and any further medling with it could potentially do more harm than good.

Simply duplicate this current campaign and try to use a different PPC platform or try to target different group of people.

Trying different things will reveal different results, which could point you in the right direction to improve your earnings.

Optimize your funnels

Funnels are essential for every marketer, if they wish to keep earning online. Since the market space is always changing, you need to keep your funnels optimized.

What is a funnel and why should you care if it’s optimized or not?

A funnel is simply a term that represents a series of pages linked together.

Let’s say someone lands on your landing page and buys your product. Many beginners in marketing think this is the way to earn lots of money. When they see that income from those sales aren’t what they were expecting, they drop it and move on to the next.

Basically playing the numbers game and hoping that they will find a gold mine down the road. The number of sales, survey completions, sign ups ect., doesn’t have to be dependant mostly on your luck.

Instead sending your customers to the next page and another after that, could affect your earnings drastically. So once a customer buys a product you’ve offered, they should be sent to a “thank you” page, where you have an opportunity to turn them into a subscriber or point them to another product.

Funnels can have many steps and how it’s structured is left entirely up to your imagination.

Trial and error is the key

Optimizing your funnel is a simple process of trying out what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to see changes in the earning, you could try tweaking your funnel by eliminating or adding steps in it. As I mentioned before that the market is constantly changing, your funnels success will be too.

Your funnel is constantly affected by needs of your customers. Something that might have worked in the past really well, could have a minimal impact today.

The point is, try out new things and incorporate small changes into it, because the effect of small changes could make a huge difference down the line.

Earn more with offer bumps

What are offer bumps?

Offer bumps are small boosts in offers payout.

You can negotiate a higher payout with your affiliate manager if you’re getting lots of leads on a certain offer.

Even a small boost can make a huge difference, since you’re already getting a ton of leads from that offer.

Try out other offers

Don’t stick just to one offer. Try out others that relate to the niche you’re producing your content about.

There are many affiliate networks out there and each of them have different offers you could promote.

Once you develop your winning formula you can implement it for any offer. And when it seems like you’ve reached maximum profitability with one offer, you could take it even further with other offers.

You could possibly earn more with offers that have less payout by getting higher conversion rates.

Every offer is unique, therefore you can’t really predict the limit of how much you can earn with each.

Knowing your audience and creating your ideal buyers persona will help you choose the right offers.

Promote products directly from merchant

Affiliate network is the middle man that connects merchants and publishers.

If you found a product that would compliment your content and peak interest among your followers and visitors, you could choose to work with the merchant directly.

As affiliate networks give you the convenience of choosing offers, they will take a lot of the profit that you worked so hard for.

If you want to eliminate this middle man and directly work with the merchant you will need to negotiate with them and strike a deal.

Prove that your winning formula works and that they could potentially earn more from your promotions.

Affiliate network will take a part of the profit, which means that the merchant will lose money to them as well.

So, by working directly it not only means that you’ll be getting bigger payouts, but the merchant will make more money as well.

Never give up

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a beginner, sometimes we all get into a rough spot. And by searching answers online for a quick buck may have caused you to become a victim of scams.

Resource Hero Club is a website that just might pose a second chance.


There is something important you need to keep in mind when you’re working with CPA campaigns or any other affiliate marketing campaigns.

They aren’t going to work for a long period of time. So scaling it will help you make as much money as possible while it lasts.

Have I missed anything?

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