What Should My Next Blog Post Be About?

I just started a blog, what is the next step?

You’ve managed to take the first step at blogging. But if you take a look at your blog now, you will notice it’s empty and it doesn’t really look that appealing. Well, let’s not worry about the emptiness and focus more on what is the next step on our journey to a successful blog. What it needs, are blog posts. And if we want to create a good blog post, we should take a few things into account before we begin. 

When you were creating the blog, you must of had some sort of idea, what it’s going to be about. Maybe you intended it to be more of a personal blog to update your close ones with what’s going on in your life. In that case, you will probably have some ideas already. But for those who are trying to build a business, we’ll need to be a little more thoughtful what we write next.

Let’s create a blog post

Every blog post starts with an idea. People love finding straight answers to the questions they have. And while it is true, that the best practice at writing is to write about what you think is best for you, we need to consider other people too.

write a blog

Let’s say, you’re about to write a blog post about a problem that you’ve had. After you describe a particular problem, you need to present a solution that helped you resolve it. It’s a simple concept if we think about it. If I needed this post, so will others that were in the same situation. By considering others I meant that we need to take into account what other people are searching for in search engines.

Our blog post could be a gold mine, if we optimize it for those who need it the most. We need to find the right balance between working hard and working smart. Our work gets appreciated by as many as possible, when we present it to the right audience.

Let’s follow the rules

The primary goal of our post needs to be solving a problem or providing some kind of valuable information first. People can sense when someone does their job only for the money. For example, plagiarism may have been a go to practice at high school, but here you’re risking your entire company with it. Each blog post gets ranked individually. When Google suspects you’re copying content from other sites, you will get your blog penalized.

Google takes severe measures against those kind of websites. There is more and more competition for each niche or keyword that’s being searched for in their search engine. But you got nothing to worry about, if you use your own voice. And besides that, people will see that they are reading, listening or watching content from a real person. Personalized content is way easier to read than something out of a textbook.

How do I find topics to blog about?

Here’s another problem we’re facing, we want to write about a niche and we don’t really know what topic to choose from. Don’t worry, it’s a hurdle we’ve faced before. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to get inspired from.

Since blogs have been around for quite a while now, experts that came before us made things a whole lot easier. There are various different tools out there that could make our lives easier.

Most basic way of coming up with an idea for your next blog post is probably just brainstorming.

But sometimes we reach a point where we just can’t come up with anything. So at times like that, we use tools available to us on the internet. There’s a lot of professional bloggers out there that have been doing this for a long time. It’s in our nature to optimize our workflow through time. We try to get done as much as possible in shortest amount of time as possible.

Draw inspiration from these 5 different online tools

#1 – Google’s autocomplete feature

This one is one of the favorites among bloggers that are just starting out. It costs you nothing but time. It can be a powerful feature combined with brainstorming, since it can give you an idea for what people are searching for in your niche.

It’s all about being creative with these kind of tools. It’s main purpose is to show you top search queries. So if we want to use it for inspiration, we should be writing/ asking questions. We do that by starting with a How, What, Why and other interrogative words. After that, we input our keywords and vioala, we get a number of suggestions, which we can look into in more detail for inspiration.

For example, if we want to write a post about exercises, we could type in “What exercises”. We would immediately get a few different suggestions from which we could get an idea for our next article.

Blog post inspiration technique

So besides using Google’s autocomplete feature in their search engine for inspiration , we could turn to tools that are actually meant for researching the market we’re trying to dive in.

#2 – AdWords Keyword Planner

This one is my favorite. Keyword Planner is one of the best tools for researching what people are actually writing in Google’s search engine.

You won’t get just data about your selected keyword, but also for keywords that are related to that keyword. So you can see what people are searching for when they’re looking for anything that’s related to your keywords.

Plan your next blog post

#3 – Quora

Quora is a sort of Q and A (question and answer) platform, where you can browse through everything what people, that came there before you, asked. More often than not you will find useful answers from those that really know what they are talking about.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for just yet, you can browse through different categories, such as internet marketing, blogging or any other category that’s related to your niche.

You will find many questions in each categories, which could give you some sort of inspiration, what your next post should be. It’s a free to use platform so it would be a shame to pass on it. Since it’s super useful not just for bloggers to get their ideas from, but to get answers and opinions from experts.

Research your market in depth

#4 – Serpstat All-in-one SEO platform

This one is a fantastic tool not just for getting new ideas for your next blog post, but to research keywords more in depth. If you want to use it’s full functionality, you will need to use it’s paid version. But it also has free to use version, which gives you less results, but incredibly useful nonetheless.

Even though free to use is limited, you can use it to get great data with a little creativity. It has a nifty feature called search questions, which allows you to see what questions people type into Google. This is perfect for bloggers, because we can get answers for exactly what people are searching for.

Blogging tool

#5 – SEMrush All-in-one Marketing Toolkit

This one is another great example of tools that were built by experts for experts. It’s a fantastic tool for keyword research. All though it has a free version that works only for a limited amount of tries it can still be used to gain great knowledge about the market you’re diving in.

It’s paid version brings all the good stuff as you can imagine, if you’re prepared to invest into this marketing tool.

Research made easy


I hope these few ways, we’ve briefly touched, will help you find inspiration for your next blog post. There are many other ways for getting ideas, but I find these few worked for me and I think they could work for you as well.

Do you think I have left some crucial information out of this post?

Should we dive a little deeper with what’s in the scope of this article?

And finally, was this blog post helpful?

Please, do tell me what you think about all of this in the comment section below.

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