Start Your First Marketing Campaign – Quick Guide

marketing campaign

Starting your first CPA marketing campaign can be a little overwhelming. Although there will always be more information about how to successfully start a campaign, you should be discouraged from ever starting in the first place.

CPA marketing is all about thinking outside the box and not following instructions from other marketers blindly. That is simply because the world of marketing is dynamic and things change constantly.

Strategies that worked in the past really well, could perform poorly now. So it’s important that you always keep an open mind when you’re trying to promote anything.

Choose a network

cpa network

This step might seem obvious. You need to pick a CPA network that will suit you. Try to avoid networks that are specific about who they’re accepting in if you’re just beginning.

You should research more on which networks are best for newbies. I’ve listed a few on my other blog post about affiliate marketing.

Pick an offer for your CPA marketing campaign

cpa marketing campaign offer

It’s important that you pick an offer that will compliment your content best. In case you don’t have any content ready yet, it’s probably a good idea to create some about a topic you’re most knowledgeable.

This way creating content won’t require as much time as it would, if you’d have to research everything.

Consult your affiliate manager

It’s a good thing to ask your affiliate manager if they could tell you which offers you should try out. They have a lot of experience working with people who come in with various different niches. They also have better insight on what works best.

Decide on what traffic source do you want to use

traffic source

Traffic source is the most important, when it comes down to making money with promoting your chosen offer.

First of all, your traffic must be targeted.

What is a targeted traffic source?

Simply put, people visiting your website need to be interested in your content. If your visitors are interested in what you have to say, they will likely be interested into the offer that’s connected to that content.

But that doesn’t mean that everybody will go for that offer. In other case, if your content would be in a whole different niche than your offers, you will have a hard time finding buyers for that offer.

So, if you’re starting from scratch I’d recommend using all different kinds of traffic sources like social media channels, SEO, forums and other platforms where people often reside.

Create valuable content and people who will be interested into what you have to say, will visit your website on their own.

Research demographics for your CPA marketing campaign


What are demographics in the first place?

Demographic data is all the information you have about people who’re visiting your website. Knowing what kind of people take interest into your content, gives you the abitily to optimize your further content to cater to them better.

Researching demographics will prove to be worth it when you’re a running paid traffic marketing campaign. You can optimize your targeting to reach people who are likely to convert.

Create a website

create a website

Every business needs a place of operation and here is no different. You will need to set up a website and landing pages where you want your potential customers to visit.

You can set up a website simply by buying a template online. But if you’re not prepared to invest any money into it, you can create one yourself.

Coding a landing page from scratch takes skill. So, what I’m trying to say here is that a small investment can go a long way.

In other case if you want to create and edit templates to create your landing pages, you could use tools like Envato Elements.

Tracking your CPA marketing campaign

website tracking

Tracking what’s going on on your website is one of the most important parts of what makes it successful. You need to have an insight into what kind of people are visiting and buying.

We mentioned before that researching demographics is important for your business. Using tracking tools will give you the option for doing just that.

You need to make sure that whatever tracking tool, you’re going to use, is installed on your website correctly. I recommend using Google Analytics.

Send traffic to your website

So far, we’ve set up everything we need to start our marketing campaign. Next thing to do is to send traffic from your relevant sources and start tracking.

If you’re using paid traffic sources like Facebook Ads, you should test different ads and optimize for maximum conversions.

And once you’re seeing benefitial results, you should try and scale it up for more profitability.

Repeat the magic formula

Once you get everything working and money flowing, just repeat the process. You will eventually make everything better and easier with practice.

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