What Is CPA Network – Dummy Proof Explanation

CPA network

CPA networks are basically platforms where advertisers and publishers meet.

By the way, CPA stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition.

They fall under affiliate marketing networks, but their primary focus is to promote CPA offers. This means that publishers, who want to practice only CPA marketing, can sign up on these kinds of networks.

If you’re not familiar with what a CPA offer is, it’s an offer that converts when someone completes a certain action. These actions don’t encompass making sales.

The most what’s asked from your leads is to give away their phone number or an email address.

This is probably the reason why CPA networks are stricter when it comes to accepting people into it. Most will give you a short interview about how you intend to promote their offers, how much traffic can you generate…

CPA networks attract affiliate marketers and fraudsters alike so you can’t really blame them for putting a filter in place, so they can distinguish who are they letting into their community.

CPA Network – in depth experience

cpa advertisers, publishers, manager

Okay, let’s talk about a CPA marketing campaign for a little bit. These campaigns are there because an advertiser, a company with a product, created it on a CPA network.

Their goal is to drive traffic with cost per action advertising and outsource this to many publishers working outside that company. That is just one of the things advertisers get to benefit from.

They also get their audience insights with tracking tools. For convenience of both publishers and advertisers, CPA networks process all the payments.

Every lead the advertiser gets, they need to pay for it to the CPA network. CPA network then gives a cut to the publisher.

Every CPA network is different. They may vary in size, what niches are the offers in. Some may be concentrated to a specific niche, while others will have all kinds of offers that fall under different niches entirely.

Some choose to work with only popular brands, while others accept advertisers that didn’t quite make any traction yet. Others don’t really care and work with both.

What do publishers look for?

Cpa affiliate

Most important information, when a publisher is looking for a suitable offer to promote is earning per click metric or EPC for short.

It shows them, how good the conversion rate is of each offer. You need to take into account the price of the product you’re promoting as well.

For instance, if we have a product that’s super expensive, don’t go straight for it if you see a large EPC on it. You can calculate the average number of clicks it will take before one lead catches on.

Go for the offers, that convert good. In other words, go for those which have the lowest average number of clicks until conversion.

Network managers

Cpa network managers

When you sign up for a network, you will get a manager. Managers are there if there’s any questions you have about the offers, any problems you might be having with the network.

They are certainly not there to give you a step by step instructions on how to make money. They’ll recommend you a suitable offer for your case, but that’s probably the most you should be expecting from them.


I hope this article was somewhat enlightening and helps you understand better how CPA networks work and ultimately gives you another piece of the puzzle of how to make money online.

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