Buyers Persona – What Is It And How To Use It?

What is a buyers persona?

Buyers persona is basically a person we make up in our minds that will represent our typical customer. It’s supposed to be your ideal customer, someone you’re creating content for.

Buyers persona is basically a person we make up in our minds that will represent our typical customer. Click To Tweet

Every business should have at least one buyers persona which they are catering their content, products or services to.

These personas can tell us what customers are thinking, are concerned about, expecting, planning, what challenges they’re facing and much more.


It’s important that we understand our audience on a more personal level. More detailed our buyers personas are, better our targeting of specific groups of people will be. And when we target our most ideal customer, we will attract people who will become our customers or prospects.

Understand your customers

How can we get to know who our ideal customers are?

Existing customers are the closest to fit that description.

“But not everybody is the same and there doesn’t seem to be a way to generalize information about them”.

Don’t worry about it. All that you need to focus on at first, is collecting as much information about your customers as possible. Once you gather enough information you will be able to predict their behavior.

Once you begin to cater to them with content that they can relate to, they will pay more attention to you and be more inclined to click on whatever you have to offer to them.

Information is gold

Nowadays, providing value with information is one of the best ways to earn money. Everybody loves information, we absorb it like a sponge and we always want more.

Everybody loves information, we absorb it like a sponge and we always want more. Click To Tweet

We can market our products or services by showing that we understand what are the challenges our audiences are facing.

marketing persona

By understanding those challenges, we are able to personalize our marketing and build a closer relationship with our followers.

But most importantly, we can provide solutions to those problems.

What type of data are we supposed to follow?

To gauge accurately, who is our ideal customer, we need to look at everything we can gain insight on.


Demographics and psychographics will tell us where our customers are from, what are their behavior patterns, motivations and goals. We can get this type of information just by tracking traffic on our website.

To get more insight on who our visitors are, we can interview them and use interactive content like polls to get more answers and get to know our audiences better that way.

Multiple buyers personas


You can have many different buyers personas for your business. It all depends on how big your business is and how diverse your customer base is.

If you’re just starting out, recommended number of different buyers personas should be from one to five. It should be plenty to work with.

Create a primary buyers persona and derive others from it. You can save up a lot of time this way. There will always be things we can generalize for every type of customer on some lower level.

Negative personas

negative personas

Negative personas are the type of people you don’t want to cater your content to. These type of people won’t bring you any profit and will tend to use the system in their own advantage.

For example, they will buy a product you’re selling and request a refund right before the return deadline passes. You will most likely get it back used and therefore will be harder to sell in the future.

These people are not only not going to bring you profit, but will cause you to lose money.

Clarify the purpose of your content, products or services

A detailed buyers persona can help us create content that will cater to our audiences.

target audience

By knowing why would they pick us over competition, we can create content that will target their pain points and provide the right solutions.

It’s also important for understanding their personal circumstances that will ultimately cause them to invest in our products.

Don’t oversell

When you market your products, it’s important that you don’t try to tell people that they will gain an improvement that wouldn’t be possible to reach in reality.

Back up with facts whatever you’re stating, because more insightful users will be able to tell how much of an improvement they will be able to expect, based on their experiences.

Using different buyers personas, you will be able to identify people with different level of expertise. It’s important that we’re able to provide value to users with wider specter of expertise in a certain field.

How to create a buyers persona

As we mentioned before, if you want to create a buyers persona you’d need to follow as much data as you can get insight on in order to assess your ideal customer as accurately as possible.

There’s data which you can get passively. That is, without interacting with your audience in any way.

google analytics

You do that by tracking what’s going on on your site. One of the most powerful tools that allows you to do that is Google Analytics, which you can also set it up for free.

Ask away


There’s also information that you can get from your audiences feedback. If you want to get to know your ideal customers, you need to ask them questions.

Interactive content, like polls, will help you define different personas that visit your site. You will also be able to identify those, who are most likely to become your prospects and ultimately, your customers.

Another way of getting answers is by interviewing people. It’s a slow process. You have to talk to people one by one, but it’s the most insightful way of getting to know your ideal customers.

After a number of interviews, you’ll be able to predict what someone is going to say, based on how they answer first questions. When you’re at that point, you’re all set to create an accurate buyers persona.

“But where do I begin?”

If you’re in the starting out stage and don’t have a sizable audience, who you could research, you can turn to influencers in your niche.

social influence

There’s plenty of people who create content about the niche you’re going for. Take a look at their comment sections on blog posts, social media pages and everywhere else where they could get feedback from their followers.

It’s okay if you create a persona that’s not completely accurate if you don’t have all the data that’s needed to do so.

What you can do, is assume what would fall in the blanks and still be better off rather than just leaving it empty.

You will eventually start finding patterns in your followers behaviors and add it in the personas profiles. You will gradually be able to create an accurate representation of your ideal customer over time.

Check out few buyers persona examples available freely on the web. You can get an idea how other people go about creating it.

What details should a buyers persona have

If we know why would someone buy our product, it’s pretty easy to tailor our content and offers in a way that would resonate with them. It’s probably the most important thing to know when we’re trying to sell something.

Another thing that’s quite important to know is, where did they, or are most likely to, buy. Knowing where your marketing is most effective, you can optimize for those placements and improve your conversions and earn more revenue.

When you’re selling a product or a service, it’s a good idea to encourage your customers to give you some feedback. This way you will be able to know where it’s lacking and improve upon it.

Not only that, you will be able to tell which solutions are the most valuable to them, so you can continue to work on those as well.

If you want to get feedback from your customers, you need to keep in mind that people will have different communication preferences. While some would prefer messaging on Facebook, others only respond on email etc.

There are numerous channels available today and it’s important that you’re available on as many as possible. Click To Tweet

How to use buyers persona

Once you’ve created a buyers persona, if you imagine yourself talking with this person face to face, you will be able to adjust the way you talk to them, what you want to discuss with them and how will you present your offers to them.

You will be able to identify your visitors by each persona that you created and talk to each of them differently, depending on what they are looking for on your website.

You will be able to target different people with your posts by setting goals that would cater to different personas. Click To Tweet

And lastly, don’t forget to update your buyers personas. With each post published, more people will come and visit.

Keep track of your customers information constantly so you can optimize your conversion rate by updating your buyers persona to match your ideal customer description.


I hope this post has shed light on some of the behind the scenes aspects of internet marketing.

If you’d like to add anything to what has been said here, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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