Who Is a Blogger?

Have you recently heard about bloggers or you just want to know more about blogging? Well in any case, you’ve stumbled upon this article, which will tell you more about this topic.

Blog is a shortened term for a weblog or a web log. They can be seen in a variety of different forms. But essentially, it’s a sort of a diary that lives on the internet. We humans, have felt the need to express ourselves since forever and before internet, we didn’t have such of a great opportunity to share our work with larger masses.

express yourself

Cave drawings of Lascaux, France.

But a blog isn’t meant just for reaching as much people as possible, they can also be a simple website, where you could post updates about your life for your family.

So who is a blogger? A blogger is simply a person that updates their blog with content that they see fit. Without any limitations, bloggers can say anything, post anything and have complete control of the blog.

More importantly, who can be a blogger? The simple answer is, anyone. You, me and every other person that wishes to express themselves on the internet, can become a blogger.

You can use your blog to post images, videos, ideas, articles, share experiences, knowledge and anything that could possibly be hold in a form of existing types of data that reside in the wonderful land of information, that is the internet.

How does blogging work?

It all sounds super amazing, but let’s dig deeper into this topic. Blogging is a website, that gets constantly updated by it’s content creator, the blogger. These frequent updates are more often called blog posts.

But before we get more into blog posts, we need to understand, that each blog, or website for that matter, is running on some kind of blogging platform. Most commonly used platforms for blogging are WordPress and Blogger. Both of these platforms are free to use.

Now, if we return back to our blog posts, we can create those right in our dashboard of the blogging platform we’re currently using. Every website or blog has a dashboard. It’s a sort of behind the curtains operation, where you can manage your posts, comments, the design of your blog and much more.

Nowadays you don’t need any technical skills to create and start a blog. Process of setting up a blog has become so simple, it can be done in just a few clicks and you’re ready to go.

What sets a website apart from a blog?

web blog

Many get discouraged when they hear, they need to set up a website to start blogging. It almost seems like rocket science to them. But in truth, it’s a very simple process which doesn’t require you to have any technical skills.

Technically blogs are websites, but the key difference is that they get frequently updated. Most websites are static and they already hold all the content they will ever need to serve their purpose.

How much would it cost me?

Whether you are trying to build a business or a personal blog, the cost can vary. But the borderline minimum cost to set up a blog is actually 0$. Yes, it can be done for free. As we mentioned before that 2 most commonly used blogging platforms WordPress and Blogger are free to use.

We can simply register online for whatever platform we would prefer and click on a “Create a new blog” button. Simple as that, and you can go and start posting. But be advised that using stuff for free will come with certain limitations.

First of all, you will have to use a platform’s subdomain name for your blog. Name like that would be for example myawesomeblog.wordpress.com or myawesomeblog.blogspot.com. If you’d like to have a domain name of your own choosing, you will need to pay for one. Don’t worry, domain names cost about 10$ per year, so in my opinion it’s an investment worth making.

Another thing you would need to choose, if you opt in for a custom domain name, is hosting. Hosting is a service that will store all your blogs data. There are many hosting providers you can choose from, and all of them will have a group of experts that are willing to help you and even take care of all technical stuff for you.

Hosting will cost you as little as 2.75$ per month if you choose to go with HostGator hosting provider. Prices will vary, depending on what plan you choose and for which hosting service you will choose to go with.

So if we draw the line here, we can see that expenses aren’t really that high, considering that you can build an actual business with blogging.

What should I write about?

There is a huge number of blogs covering all kinds of topics. And by all kinds, I mean if you can think of any topic under the sun, you will most likely find blogs that already talk about it.

So the best niche to go for is the one you already have interest and passion for. I’m saying this for all of you who are trying to make money with blogging.

You’ve probably heard for people making 100.000s of dollars with blogging, but if you’re not interested in what your blog is all about, you will quickly find yourself in a painful existence.

How to make money blogging?

How to make money with blogging?

First you have to ask yourselves, is it better to become a master of one or to be a jack of all trades? When it comes to blogging, there are numerous different tasks that stand behind a successful blog post.

I believe that the most common reason why people quit blogging is because they try so hard to create a perfect post. Taking all those tasks too seriously and trying to make everything perfect.

But in truth, you just need to start doing. Start creating content, write articles as you were talking to someone. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to be helpful.

When you put helping people first and only after that, making money, you will find that there are things far more valuable than money.

Now this is a short segment that takes us deeper than what this post was first intended to be. I’ll leave you with a question that might lead you to some answers you will need, if you choose to walk down this road.

Why would you want to start a blog?

Your turn now…

Did this article shed some light on things that were previously unexplored from your perspective?

Let me know in the comments down below what you think and if you want me to cover something more in this particular topic.

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