How To Apply to CPA Networks? – Quick Rundown

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In most of the cases, applying to a CPA network is a little bit harder than just registering like you would do on most websites like forums or other that support members.

CPA networks are stricter when it comes to applying. The reason is, when it comes to making money online, these sites will attract all sorts of people, good and the bad.

What do you mean, who’s good and who’s bad?

Well, people who are trying to make an honest living by promoting whitehat niches are classified as good kind. By whitehat niches, I mean that they are actually giving something valuable that their customers are looking for.

On the other hand if we take a look at blackhat methods, which can be classified as bad in marketing world, people don’t end up giving away anything valuable. In other words, these kind of methods exist solely to scam people.

So this is the reason why CPA networks take a good look at each applicant, so they can be comfortable with who’s joining them.

Let’s talk more about frauds

blackhat cpa

Blackhat methods are still very common and are implemented in various ways to deceive people into converting. These types of leads are useless, since those people will likely not acknowledge those offers at all.

In most cases company which pays for those leads, is just losing money. CPA network takes responsibility for that money loss, which ends up hurting their reputation.

Other techniques, that blackhat marketers use, involve bots and fake leads. For instance, if a an offer has a 1$ payout for an email submit, people can submit a million email addresses and get a payout of a million dollars.

And because, there were so many people in the past that took advantage of this, companies ended up losing tons of money and wouldn’t want to work with those CPA networks, that allowed that to happen, anymore.

How can I get accepted into CPA network?

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Well, it’s kind of hard to say for sure, because some CPA networks will look for a specific kind of affiliates.

For example, if they only want to work with people who are already experienced publishers, who have a certain type of traffic source, their representitive will likely ask you about those things and evaluate you if you’re a good fit for the network or not.

It’s not an easy process getting in, or so it would seem from what we talked about earlier. There are few things that could improve your position on the networks criteria.

List of factors your CPA network might consider before accepting you

How much of online presence do you have?

online presence

If you have already built a decent traffic source, your chances of getting accepted will improve drastically. Even better, having a traffic source which is interested in the same niche as the networks offers are in.

Register with a personalized email address

personalize email

Making yourself look more professional can be very beneficial for your first impression. So when you’re signing up for the network, don’t use emails like [email protected] Instead, make a presonalized email address – [email protected]

Be easy to reach

stay in reach

These networks will likely give you an option to choose, what time of the day would you like to be reached. This way you can expect when you’ll receive that phone call from them.

So it is very important that you submit accurate information about yourself when you’re signing up.

Research before signing up


So you’ve chosen a network you want to apply to. You can always improve your chances by researching beforehand, what exactly are they looking for.

When you’re being interviewed about how do you plan to promote their offers, you will be able to give an answer that will meet their needs.

Be transparent


If networks representitive feels like you’re not being honest with them, they won’t hesitate to flag you as a fraud and deny your application. So answer truthfully. Let them know how much traffic you’re receiving and how much experience you have as an affiliate.

Bonus: CPA networks that accept new marketers

As we mentioned before, there are many CPA networks out there, so you will definitely find a place where you’ll be able to fit in.

I’ve prepared a short list of 3 CPA networks you will definitely be able to get accepted into.

For complete transparency, by applying through the links below will make you my referal.


CPAGrip is one of the best networks to begin with. They pay you for each completed survey you’r customers make. And one of the best part about it is that different surveys appear to people from different countries. So the surveys are always in native language of those who take part in it.

Payout options: PayPal, Payoneer and ACH transfer (US banks only)


CPAlead is very much similar to CPAGrip, but the main difference between the two is, that CPAlead provides you with options to create landing pages for other people who will want to promote them and share the revenue with them.

Payout options: Paypal, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency, Check by mail, ACH transfer (US banks only)

AdWork Media

This network is another great one to start with. Since it gives you so many tools and options to promote offers and track activity on your account as well. A few of these tools include various different lockers, insights on how well a certain campaign is doing, API for integration with apps and more.

Payout options: Paypal, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency, Check by mail, ACH transfer (US banks only), Standard wire transfer

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